Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am a Wonder Woman !

this is me before heading out !
Record heat...bugs...wind resistant....killer hills....crazy drivers....smells of cattle....Sound Like fun? Despite these minor hurdles the Wonder Woman bike ride was amazing ! And the west desert was surprisingly beautiful. I loved being out in nature, just me and my bike. Peddling with everything that was in me. Actually the first 12 miles was quite nice. The last 3 miles to the aide station was alittle long. I wasn't used to going so far without stopping. But once I got there i had a snack, refueled, caught my breathe and was on my way again.
Halfway through the second round is where it started getting tough for me. I had about 8 miles to go. Every part of my body was burning. The heat was intense (it was 90 degrees outside) and I really wondered how I was going to make it. But then I could hear all the words of support of my friends and family echoing in my head...just keep going..just keep can do it. And I knew i would regret it if i didnt finish. So onward I went. Once I realized I could do it, i just wanted to be done. Thats when my second wind kicked in and im sure the pure will to want to finish is what got me there.
Crossing the finish line was the most amazing feeling of my life ! My family, including my parents were there. As I came around the corner I could hear the yells and name being called. It was such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. I loved every minute of it and I cant wait to do it again.
I for got to mention I biked 30 miles in 4 hours. As of today I have biked 238 miles since July 17th.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 Dream

I dream of the day you will be able to tell me with your words where it hurts, when you are sick.
I dream of the day you stand at the end of the driveway waiting for the school bus with your sister.
I dream of the day you graduate high school, as I shout, "Thats my boy! " while they call your name and you walk across the stage.
I even dream of the day you come home and tell me you have fallen in love and are marrying the girl of your dreams. And if these dreams are not meant to be, my dear son, then I dream of the day i greet you in heaven and meet my son, whole and complete and perfect for the first time.
You will never disappoint me, my son, even if these dreams do not come true. For your value to me is not in these dreams, but in the blessing og having known and loved you.

written by Carol...

I think i have shared this before, but i just found the paper so i wanted to share it again. for those of you who know Ben and our Family. you will understand how much words like these mean to me. And how very honored I am to be Ben's mom...
need a tissue ?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

sorry Celeste...but i love this sweet !
dad with the Grand kids... at the Best place in town !

Rachel with Grandpa

We were lucky to have Aunt Joan and
her family join us for dad's 60th !

Dad with... you guessed it. German Chocolate cake !
Is there any other kind? I think Not !

The local bakery working hard
to bring the finest cake for dad !

Lindsay and Ben
what beautiful faces ! :)

Dad and Ben..treking up the

ok...this is on the edge of the cliff
so having Bryan and Rachel up there
made me nervous.... but they had fun !
dad and rachel taking a break...phew !

are we done !

this is the result of hiking and sweating all day !
dont i look amazing.... NOT !!! LOL !

Father and son !
Gotta love the plaid !

dad and all the grand kids !
i am amazed how great all the kids did
getting to the cave ! They did
awesome !
dad and his girls... its amazing im still breathing.
and im pretty sure Celeste doesnt sweat...LOL
She always looks great !

my little family !

Ben and vanessa chillin together !

me and my kids..they all left me in the
dust... but they didnt complain once.
I'm pretty they are part mountain goat..
just like thier dad !

What good looking kids !
but I'm not biased......

the view from the trail...
that little white dot is my house...

seriously...whats with the rock climbing ?

so happy !

at least these rocks are on the cliff...
I feel a little
Bryan...leader of the pack !
where is everyone ?

what a handsome guy !

Joel And Celeste.. Good thing he was there
to keep the tunnel from falling on her ! LOL !

Joel, vanessa and Lindsay....

me and my honey...

dad and us girls !
We had such an amazing time with dad, Celeste, Joel, Eric, Vanessa, Colton, David and my family. I never knew you could pack so much fun in just a couple of days. But we did. On dad's actual 60th birthday we went to Timpanogas cave. who knew that could be so much fun. I was a little worried about the kids, but they left me in the dust... and never complained once the whole time. WHich just goes to show..never underestimate the revliance of youth !
a little timp cave info... you climb 1,092 feet in just 1.5 miles. up a steep zig zag trail. but well worth the effort ! The whole trip took about 3.5 hrs. Then we drove the alpine loop and headed to sundance. At this point my feeling the worst...was exhausted ! So we went home to shower, nap and get ready for round 2. Dinner at Porters PLace.
Ended up with a a party of 18 people to help dad welcome a new decade of his life ! And it was a blast. Doesnt he look amazing for 60. I think he does. It was so wonderful to just be with family and do everything we could to make dad feel loved. I think we succeeded.
The only people we missed was Brittney and her family..who couldnt make it up and Cherie , who is in England visiting her family. But i'm sure they were with us in spirit ! This was definitely a bday that wont be forgotten. We had good food, good company, and good attitudes ! It was the best ! And we got to meet Joel and his kids... who we love ! It was great spending time with them and getting to know them better. I look forward to future visits...(sorry Celeste..Hope that isnt to embarrassing)
Anyway... I love my dad. i feel very blessed to live close enough to him to see him often and build this great relationship . We have alot of good times together ! Look forward to many more years of memories with my dad ! Love you dad ! your the best !

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lapband update !

So.. as of today I've lost 25 lbs and 12 inches. I had my check up with the doctor this past week and so far everything is looking really good. Ive been blessed not to have any complications and everything is right on track ! Ive been very lucky to have such an amazing support system to help me and motivate me. Especially to Bryan. I never would have survived surgery, recovery or even thought about surgery if it wernt for him.
My other big inspiration , who lost alot of weight, without surgery, my sister Celeste. Plus she gives me all her clothes that are to big for her now. A definite bonus ! She is a runner. Which I have to say..more power to you ! Never could get into running. but lately finding the motivation to walk has been as equally challenging.
So..last week when Bryan suggested getting me a bike, I was surprising open to the idea. And Have been loving it ever since. I can't imagine biking as far as he does yet. which is 25 miles on any average run. But another goal to yet aspire to. I'm lucky to get my 5 miles in without
But seriously...since April 5th. I've felt more alive, more healthy and more energetic than I have in along time. And I hope that feeling never goes away !

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Biker Mama !

 officially a biker mama. Never thought that would happen, but it did. And no...I'm not talking about the motorized kind. I went today for the first time up the canyon. I cycled between Bridal veil falls and Vivian park. Which is approx 2 miles. So beautiful. Just when I thought I couldn't live life any better than It already is... I discover this. I do have to give Credit to Bryan for getting me started. And now that I am I'm totally addicted.

Words cant even describe how beautiful and peaceful it was.... cruising down the lane, the river on one side of me the mountain on the other. You couldn't ask for a more perfect setting . It felt amazing to get out there. Just me and my bike. Be able to feel the breeze, hear the birds, see the occasional squirrwl scurry across the path. it was amazing. Be able to just clear my head and let all my troubles go. Im so excited to do this on a regular basis. What an amazing way to get fit and and relieve stress. I totally love it !!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My first bike ride....

so.... I've become a cyclist and I wasn't even planning on it. But none the less it happened. Bryan and I went to the bike shop yesterday and ended up getting me a great bike. First we spent the afternoon getting me all fitted for a helmat, biking gear and of course the bike. Then Last night Bryan taught me how to ride and when to shift. How to wear a helmet etc...
I'm actually quite excited. We went out for a test run last night so i could get a feel for it and know what to do when Bryan isnt around. We went 4 miles, which was pretty good for me. Although nothing for Bryan who can bike as far as 25 miles and feel like it's a good run. But he has been cycling for about 5 yrs. So he has a bit of an advantage over me.Maybe someday I'll get there. but for now I'll stick to my 4 miles.
And so the next chapter in my weight loss and fitness adventure begins. So if you see me around town, dont honk... you might scare me and make me crash...LOL ! at least til i can get the hang of it better. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

being positive !

so.. it just hit me today how negative I was being and how much it was ruining my chance for happiness. I'm talking about the summer. Every year I dread,dread, dread the summer. And it's an aweful habit I have let myself fall into. Then i had this " aha" moment today while I was walking. Like a bolt of lightning. how could I have been so stupid ?
so here are my reasons for loving summer this year :

1. I don't have to wake up kids and go through the daily struggle of getting everyone out the door for school.

2. I can walk in the early morning again, instead of trying to do it later when Im to tired.

3. I have many family activities planned that should be fun. One of which is my dads 60th birthday ! And he looks good for 60 !

4. I can shoo the kids outside to play !

5. I can work in the yard and try to grow some veggies...LOL.

6. my roses will bloom, which i always love and look forward to.

7. I can organize and clean out all the crap in my house I dont need or cant find ! HAHA !

8. I have a dear friend and family coming to visit me.

9. I can open the windows and let the fresh summer air in after being cooped up all winter !

10. I can visit my favorite places with my family and friends. which is always a treat.

hopefully this will help me stay focused on the joy of summer !